A Hallmark is a mark or a series of marks that are stamped onto certain metals to certify their preciousness and purity. Since 1973, it became a legal requirement for an Assay Office to hallmark articles containing precious metals if they are described as such.


Here at With Bling we take all the necessary steps to ensure our jewellery complies with UK regulations. We ensure all hallmarks are placed on the back or on the post of your jewellery, in an area not visible to you when you wear it.

All of our pieces including solid gold are stamped with 10K and 14K metal purity stamps, certifying that our pieces contain or are made with 10K or 14K solid gold. All of our pieces including sterling silver are stamped with a 925 metal purity stamp, certifying that our pieces contain or are made with a minimum of 92.5% pure silver. This purity grade is more commonly known as sterling silver and is considered the very best in class for silver jewellery.

Further to this, some of our collections carry heavier pieces such as statement earrings and hoops and these items have a further Hallmark engraved to show they have been individually certified and tested by the UK Assay office. The UK Assay office requires any jewellery with the total weight (excluding stones etc.) of gold over 1.0 gram, and total weight of silver over 7.78 grams to have this special hallmark which must be issued from one of their four Assay offices.

For more information regarding to the Hallmarking process, please visit at https://www.assayofficelondon.co.uk