Birthstones are more than just stones that represent the month you were born in – they each hold unique meaning, history and power. If you’re considering of buying a personalised gift with meaning, or a little treat for yourself to represent your own personality, our Birthstone Collection is an excellent choice.

January: Garnet – Empowerment & Strength

Garnets have long been regarded as a source of strength and self-empowerment. With a history dating back to 3000BC, this versatile gem protects its wearer, in any of its many different forms and colours. Garnet is commonly used for 2nd wedding anniversary jewellery gifts.

February: Amethyst – Contentment & Purification

A beautiful deep lavender, amethyst is an eye-catching birthstone known for its ability to promote a feeling of contentment and purification; providing a sense of calm to its wearer. The purple form of the popular quartz crystal, this gem was used back in Ancient Greece as a means of purification from intoxication. Amethyst is popularly used for 6th wedding anniversary gifts.

March: Aquamarine – Wisdom & Tranquility

A youthful, bright-blue gem, aquamarine is a birthstone that mimics the brilliant colour of the sky and sea. Known for its revitalising and tranquil properties, aquamarine was used as a charm for sailors in Ancient Rome to ensure they could cross even the stormiest seas. Aquamarine signifies wisdom and is considered to help control emotions. This stone is commonly used for 19th wedding anniversary gifts.

April: Diamond – Love & Persistence

The classic gem and best-known stone in the world, diamond is an iconic choice of birthstone. Originating in India, this high-clarity gem radiates everlasting love and persistence, encouraging wearers to go further and do more in the name of romance and creativity.

May: Emerald – Growth & Balance

A beautiful lush green gem, emeralds are perhaps the most elegant birthstone on the list. A favourite of Cleopatra in Ancient Egypt, the jewel maintains its mystic properties to this day. Known for bringing balance and growth to the lives of those surrounding it, emerald provides its wearers with a level head and a clear vision of the path ahead.

June: Pearl – Worth & Beauty

One of the oldest organic gems known to humanity, the pearl is an incredible prize and has been celebrated as such since ancient times. In Ancient Rome, the pearl was revered for its value and its beauty, which in turn is what it provides to its wearer; worth and social standing.

July: Ruby – Passion & Energy

Powerful, passionate and brimming with energy, ruby is a birthstone that doesn’t do things by halves. Fiery in colour and filled with courage, this stone pushes its wearer onto greater things and gives them the strength to reach further and higher. Originating in Burma, rubies have a history spanning over 2500 years and is popularly used for 15th or 40th wedding anniversary gifts.

August: Peridot – Power & Protection

Peridot holds a unique olive hue that has been beloved by collectors for centuries. Said to offer protection and power to its wearer, this emerald-like precious stone reduces negative emotions and replaces them with energy and positivity to enable freer thought. Peridot is commonly used for 1st wedding anniversary jewellery gifts.

September: Sapphire – Sincerity & Faithfulness

Sapphire is well-known for its sedate appearance and strong connection with royalty for centuries. Known for imparting wisdom and sincerity to its wearers, it is classically known as a blue variation of corundum, but is available in a range of other shades. A favourite gift for a loved one, this gem also instils a sense of kindness and faithfulness that makes it the ideal option for couples.

October: Opal – Loyalty & Desire

Opal is a highly sought-after mesmerising gem because of its fascinating rainbows and prisms of colours. It represents loyalty, as well as fierce desire it captures within its beauty.

November: Citrine – Prosperity & Confidence

A gem in a striking yellow shade, citrine is best known for its power of success, providing wearers with the confidence and luck to succeed in all things. Also known as the stone of prosperity, this powerful canary-coloured gem has a history dating back to Ancient Greece, where it was a source of new beginnings for those who carved it. It is a great choice as a graduation or 10th wedding anniversary gift.

December: Turquoise – Protection & Healing

A sophisticated and beautifully subtle stone, turquoise has a long history in Native American culture as a source of incredible protection and life. Known for its ability to heal and protect against both physical and mental ailments, this incredible stone offers its wearer far more than just an amazing-looking piece of jewellery.