Our vision

With Bling is a British jewellery brand, launched in 2018, with the desire to offer premium dainty earrings at an affordable price. We aim to give women around the world access to fine modern jewellery that is wearable every day. Finding inspiration from the way women in different ages and styles live today, we celebrate women across the globe with jewellery that you can treat yourself with, gift to others, and allows you to experience our products in a way that makes you feel valued and uplifted.

We believe in the importance of true self-confidence. Your accessories should make you feel cherished and adored, filling every moment with joy. We want that joy to fill every part of your With Bling experience, from your first time browsing to the moment that your jewellery arrives. We aim for our brand to become a part of our customer’s lives, and not just a one-time purchase. We want our customers to be able to build up their personal With Bling collections, defining their unique look with their own curated ears.

Our jewellery

Best known for our ear stacks, our products are designed to be stacked for your personal curated ear look. Each piece has its own intricate sparkle, also great as stunning standalone pieces. We only work with high-quality materials, from precious metals such as solid gold to durable metals such as titanium. We only stock jewellery that we would wear ourselves, and can guarantee that each piece has a special meaning and connection that allows us to develop personal and thoughtful collections for our customers.

100% you

We are inspired by you – smart and stylish millennials who deserve to feel elegant and confident. True luxury is owning something utterly unique to you. Stack your favourite pieces, and combine them in a way you please to express your own personal style. Feel a personal connection with each piece, building your collection over the months and years.

Fair pricing

We don't believe that expensive taste should require an expensive price tag. Instead, we believe that fine jewellery should be available at a fair, justifiable price that doesn’t compromise on quality. We want everyone to indulge in quality without breaking the bank, so quality becomes part of your daily lives.

Major brands in our industry mark-up their products by 8-10x the actual cost. This is because their pieces are often sourced from other manufacturers, causing the item to be marked up twice.

At With Bling, we do things differently. To make luxury accessible, we've built lasting relationships with the best manufacturers and sell directly to you. Our jewellery is handcrafted using the same quality craftsmanship and top materials as other luxury jewellery brands, but is sold without traditional mark-ups.

Fair Pricing

Gift ready

Whatever type of occasion you are buying for, we want to make every purchase special. All orders are shipped in our signature boxes and mailers, making a perfect gift experience for either yourself or your loved one. You can also make your gift even more meaningful by writing a personalised message on our cute message cards.