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Gorgeous colour

Love this earring and the fact that it can be customised, bar length, back style etc. is brilliant. Absolutely love the colour and delivery was quick. Will definitely order again!

Bought as my first basic hoop to leave bars behind and it is perfect for getting your piercing ready for a hoop, highly recommend!! X

This little flower is so cute, I bought it for my conch after I’ve irritated it by wearing so many hoops and changing them poorly and due to size of the flower, this looks perfect tucked in the conch. Highly recommend!!!

The jewellery turned green


Lovely piece of jewellery 😍

Lovely barbell

Beautiful sparkly barbell, exactly what I was looking for. Easy to put in and comfortable to wear, no itchiness either, would recommend

Tiny Single Cubic Huggie
Olivia McArthur
Cute huggie

Cute huggie, I bought originally for a helix piercing but I don't think it's big enough for the piercing (I think the hole is further into the ear). Looks lovely on my 2nd lobe piercing though - gives it an eclectic look

This is small, and I lost the backing ball quickly so can't wear it 💔💔💔 gutted

Cute earring, love this company

Tiny Sparkle Piercing
Namrata Pandey
It's actually really tiny

The piece is actually really tiny and super cute. Go for something bigger if you want a bigger piece. Overall good quality. The maintenance card which comes with the jewellery says to remove the piercing in case of a shower or avoid exposure to skincare which is not ideal for a conch piercing but I have been wearing them for a month and no major degradation in quality is visible.

6 mm is too small

Please be sure of what size hoop you are going to use. 6mm for a nose piercing is really small. Go for 8-10 mm hoop. overall nice quality

Nose piercing

Cute and tiny used as a nose piercing


Looks beautiful in a helix piercing

So pretty

Pretty earring which I’ve put in my flat back piercing.

Love it. So pretty and dainty.

Tiny Sparkle Piercing
Jessica Stevens
wow in love with this

this is my favourite out of all of my jewellery from with bling, so small but draws so much attention !!

wow wow wow

such a stunning piece i love !

Twisted Clicker (16G)
Elizabeth Harper

Love this for my helix piercing. Needed a bit of help putting it in, but then left it in for a few weeks at a time. Chose the 10mm option and fits nicely. Beautiful classic design and hasn’t shown any signs of rust or tarnishing (had it for two months now).

Beautiful pieces

So happy with my purchase beautiful pieces!! Will be buying more!

Very good

This earring is very pretty, I ordered the wrong size but I would definitely re order the same earring (but smaller)!


Good size stone and fits my conch well


Love the earring - it fits my conch perfectly


Love the quality, the packaging, and how dainty and beautiful it is. 100% recommend.


This was the first time I had changed my helix piercing and I was a little cautious however, this earring was so easy and looks so cute!! Highly recommend - the colour is amazing.

so good

love this