Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia is a lab grown crystal that is hard and usually colourless, but can be made in a rainbow of colours. If you want to get technical, it’s the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide, also known as ZrO2. They are often chosen as more affordable and ethical alternatives to diamonds.

Cubic Zirconia or Diamonds: which is better?

If you have a large budget, then diamonds will be the number one choice for just about anyone. But there’s more to choosing your gem than simply its value. While diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend, they are actually less practical when it comes to jewellery designs; whereas cubic zirconia allows for a little more freedom and a lot more creativity in the process as a whole.

While cubic zirconia is indeed human-made, that doesn’t make it any less beautiful; in fact, some pieces can even be indistinguishable from diamond to the naked eye. Because of its lower cost, CZ is also the ideal option if you’re worried about wearing expensive diamond pieces for everyday wear. Jewellery pieces with cubic zirconia crystals provides something practical you can wear every day without worry.