Ear cuffs are a fun and in-trend way of achieving your very own curated ear, but putting them on for the first time can be a little tricky. But over time – and with our step-by-step guide – it will become easy in no time!


How to wear Ear Cuffs


Are pierced ears required?

They aren’t. Unlike traditional earrings, ear cuffs sit upon the outer part of your ear and can be slipped on and off effortlessly and moved freely to create your own curated ear look. They’re also great to give you an idea of how cartilage piercings would look like, without the pain or care required with a traditional piercing.

Which side should I wear my ear cuff on?

The majority of our ear cuffs are explicitly designed to be worn on the left-hand side. This is because our right ear is the one we typically use for the phone, and we want to avoid knocking the ear cuff off – so there is a logic behind it. But many of our designs can be worn on either ear, making the choice entirely up to you.

Can I wear ear cuffs to shower/sleep/swim?

Because ear cuffs aren’t attached to the body in the same way as piercings, we recommend taking them out for all of the above activities. This ensures they aren’t lost and also that they maintain that same beautiful shine when they are worn.

What looks good with ear cuffs?

Just about anything looks great with our ear cuffs. They are truly versatile and can be paired with anything from classic earrings to in-trend huggies & hoops. You could even try wear them with multiple piercings for an entirely different look. Our ear cuffs are great whether you have ten piercings or none; they’re an easy and practical way to change up your look and can be adapted to almost any style.

Are ear cuffs a new trend?

Ear cuffs have been around for a long long time. Back then, these little cuffs were known as a "Kaffa" and were worn in increasingly large and extravagant styles. They became popular in the 90s, where grunge fashion made use of plenty of silver and stainless-steel hoops, cuffs and studs. But the modern ear cuff is even more versatile and comes in more shapes, sizes and styles than ever before. Why not try one out for yourself?

What are some of your favourite ear cuff looks?

We’re not supposed to play favourites, but here are a few ear cuff looks we can’t get enough of. Be inspired by With Bling's curated edit and build your personal ear stacks.