Choosing Metal Colour

Ever wondered why that earring or necklace worn by your favourite celebrity or influencer looks different on you? There could be various reasons as to why jewellery looks different on different people, but one of the biggest factors is skin tone. Certain metal colours and gemstones look better against different skin tones, meaning that even earrings of the same design can look different on you depending on what colour finish it has. While there are no set rules in fashion and styling, choosing a metal colour that complements your skin tone the best can make all the difference.


Before we begin, bear in mind that skin tone and skin colour are two different things. Skin colour is affected by the environment and is the surface layer of the skin. Skin tone is more related to your ethnicity and biological make up and is the undertone of your skin. It’s possible to have darker skin and have a cool-undertone, or to have lighter skin and have a warm-undertone.

The most commonly used method to determine your skin tone is to look at your skin in natural day light. Find a spot where the veins are noticeable – wrists are usually a good choice. If your veins appear blue or purple, then you have a cool skin tone. If they appear green, you have a warm skin tone. Anything in the middle would be considered as a neutral tone. While it may sound odd, this is a technique also used by makeup artists to decide which foundation and concealer to use on their clients.



Cooler skin tones typically have an undertone of blues or purples, which makes silver really pop, especially when combined vivid coloured gems such as sapphire and amethysts. Silver, white gold and platinum is an ideal choice for those with cooler skin.

Fair Skin Tone


Warmer skin tones have an undertone of yellows and orange, which proves perfect with yellow gold and rose gold jewellery. Higher karat gold jewellery, such as 16K or 18K, work best for individuals with the warmest of skin tones, whilst 9K or 14K gold jewellery complements a wider range of skin tones. Earth toned gems such as citrine or turquoise will enhance your complexion.

Warm Skin Tone


For those lucky enough to be more neutral in their skin tone, the world is your oyster. All metal colours will look great on you, but rose gold is ideal for providing that beautiful touch of colour to your more neutral base. Diamonds or clear, high-quality gems such as cubic zirconia look great with rose gold jewellery.

Neutral Skin Tone


If you love a particular piece of jewellery, but don’t think it will look right on your skin tone, then don’t fret. Jewellery is personal – so don’t be afraid to go against the grain if it makes you feel good. The rules are made to be bent, and with the majority of us leaning more towards neutral than pure warm or cool, there’s plenty of room for flexibility. For modern jewellery-lovers, mixing stones, metals or even textures is no longer taboo. If that gold earring makes you feel great, then it’s more than worth going against the rules a little. Your confidence and happiness are far more important.

However, if you want to purposefully enhance your complexion, and create a cohesive style that always flatters, then considering skin tone is an excellent place to start. At With Bling, we offer your favourite pieces in different colour finishes to best suit you without sacrificing on a style you love.